To Dos

May 20th, 2008

More to-dos:

  • Try out ldap authentication with Apache - does it support digest? Unfortunately no, should again review building mod_authn_dbd with mysql support.
  • Try setting up ldap to use mysql as a back end again - I did it once before but didn't find much use for it now I can fully appreciate the value that ldap brings to the table. Still, I use MySQL for so much it would make my life easier if I had a single back-end data store to manage
  • Try out pure-ftpd - DONE - ran into an interesting issue, it requires some kernel capabilities - see this.
  • Try out mod_proxy_ftp - DONE, unfortunately, you can't specify the username and password in the proxy url directive like this:
ProxyPass /ftp_proxy

The browser requesting /ftp_proxy is prompted for a password. :-(

  • Try out mod_ftp, an experimental Apache module
  • Try out Apache2 xslt filter from sourceforge
  • Try out a distributed file system using dav, mod_rewrite, mod_proxy, mod_cache, and maybe even PEAR's HTTP_WebDAV_Server - kind of like a simpler mogileFS


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