Kill A Watt Energy Computing

May 27th, 2008

We've been building various computers with different components and operating systems. After that we've been taking power measurements with a little device called a Kill-A-Watt, this basically gives you the wattage output of the machine you plug it into. It's interesting to see how the power usage levels vary from machine to machine. One PC used around 80 watts, while another was over 100. I'm not sure exactly what parts of a machine effect the overall power amount the most, or if the particular OS has anything to do with it. These are the computers we have logged thus far. We will be adding more as we build them.Computer 180GB SATA

Austin Power Supply


AMD====> No CPU Frequency

K9VGM-V MS1 MS-7253-Ver 1.1


Nexenta 6Computer 2

Athlon 3400

M861G V16a


ATX 480W Generic PS82 WattsComputer 3

Allied Power Supply

Model AL - A250ATX

Max 250W

Debian OS100+ Watts

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