Holy Crap Batman

April 23rd, 2008

Apple has bought PA Semi. That is awesome. PA Semi is an efficient PowerPC chip. This means I'll still be able to use my Photoshop CS2 on a PowerPC platform. It also means that PowerPC ports of popular open source operating systems now have a significant reason to live. It also means that dual-booting Windows won't be very easy. Perhaps Apple is impressed more with open source operating systems like Debian and Ubuntu, and can team up with Google to support Wine, providing Apple user's the ability to run Windows programs via QEMU from within their Mac. Apple has actually been doing extremely well with open source software lately - with WebKit and Darwin, I bet they'll get more interested with QEMU and Wine with the use of PowerPC chips.

Forbes is running an article on the news, but I won't visit their site as the ads are way too intrusive. Ars Technica reports on it as well, and suggests that perhaps Apple bought the company for its IP and staff, and will ditch the product line. I hope not, I really like Apple products, though I'm getting less impressed with their operating system(s) as they become more and more proprietary.

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