FreeNAS with FreeBSD 7 and Support for the ZFS Filesystem

April 17th, 2008

After trying out BeleniX and Nexenta, I'm really interested in the future of opensolaris, and how it will affect the future of open source. One thing I keep hearing good things about is ZFS, which reminded me to fire up my FreeNAS server and take another look at it.

FreeNAS and NFS

When I first discovered FreeNAS, I was just getting interested in NFS after being frustrated with sshfs, AFS, and CIFS. Unfortunately at the time the FreeNAS NFS setup had some issues (which have since been resolved). I've come to really like NFS - for many systems-based purposes it works really well, you hardly know its there.

The second time I tried out FreeNAS, I was more interested in iSCSI, though I did find out that NFS was working well. Now this third time (I'm not keeping count anymore!) I'm definitely going to use the NFS implementation of FreeNAS.

FreeBSD and ZFS

The bounty of an open source ZFS is hindered by the CDDL, as it doesn't play well with the GPL, but it can play well with BSD. And there are reports of a ZFS implementation in FreeBSD 7. I've yet to try it out, but I have to say FreeBSD 7 looks awesome.

I can't tell if or how close FreeNAS is to getting ZFS support, but I wouldn't be surprised. That would be really awesome - and I'm saying that without really knowing why. I guess I'm just excited by the prospect.


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