Debconf LDAP Backend

April 26th, 2008

Awhile back, I wrote about wanting a method to use LDAP to store configuration files, so I was really pleased when I read that there is an experimental backend for debconf which uses LDAP.

I have to try this out!

While I was reading up on debconf, I also noticed that there is a web interface frontend for it. And since its easy to try out, I did. I reconfigured proftpd as I knew it had an easy configuration process (one question whether to use inetd or run standalone). As explained in the debconf docs, the shell provides a url, which I loaded in elinks and was able to reconfigure proftpd.

Debconf is a sweet program, I can tell already. I fear it uses a lot of bash to do its thing though - maybe xsl can fit in there somehow.

Other LDAP Stuff

libapache2-mod-vhost-ldap looks great - it can be used with the threaded, worker apache2 mpm. I am currently using mod_rewrite to power virtual hosts, but something like ldap might be a better choice for easier and faster management.

And that's not all - most of my othe favorite packages have ldap interfaces.

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