Planets Feeds and GPG

March 29th, 2008

Allowing access of feeds to the wrong party can result in copyright infringement, among other things, so I've sort of "put it off" for now. I know some of my visitors do use feed readers to access our content, and at the moment that's more important to me.

I've also been thinking about using Planet for aggregating some of my more relevant blogs together into common areas.

Coincidentally, I've seen a few blog posts about restricting feed access to some of the more manageable, accountable, and respectable feed aggregators like FeedBurner, and redirecting visitors to their services (as well as getting annoyed by the release of the new Wordpress 2.5).

Then I got thinking about OpenID, GPG, and the web of trust - thinking that this might be a good way to make some more common use of it.

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