Planet Debian Package

March 24th, 2008

As regular readers of Docunext know, one of my favorite websites is Planet Debian. While perusing some debian packages last night, I realized that the software which powers Planet Debian is actually a debian package itself. Its pleasant surprises like that are what always impresses me about debian - it is a great group of people and they are constantly willing to share what makes them great with whoever is interested.

So I tried out "planet" and its super easy to get going. Here's what I did:

  1. apt-get install planet
  2. vim /etc/planet.conf - added a [\] section at the bottom
  3. cd /var/www/
  4. ln -s /var/lib/planet/www/ ./planet/
  5. planetplanet /etc/planet.conf

It worked! Right off the bat I'm wary to learn another template language / syntax though, so I'm wondering how easy / difficult it would be to use XSLT as the rendering engine. Hmmmm.

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