Oh Windows Kodak

March 2nd, 2008

Today I was helping my dad with his Windows XP machine. He has a Kodak printer that has caused him a lot of grief lately, and today it caused me grief.

The Kodak software was all messed up, and they recommended he use a "clear" program to remove it entirely. I tried doing so, and received errors when trying to run it, saying something like there was nothing to remove. But then when I tried to install the software again, it said that it couldn't be installed, and that the existing software had to be removed.

After several hours of trying to get it to work, I downloaded an Ubuntu 7.10 CD and burned it for him to try out. I'm hoping he likes it enough for me to install it for him. He is an apsiring photographer and uses Photoshop quite a bit, but thankfully Google has been helping out the Wine folks with Photoshop CS 2, and supposedly it runs quite well inside linux. I'll post an update as next weekend I'll be helping him out again.

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