Free and Open Source Software on my Titanium Powerbook

March 21st, 2008

I've been trying to install some freeware on my tibook, and for whatever reason I keep running into these odd road blocks. On my previous laptop I was able to install gimp, and neoOffice, with no problems, and run the programs with ease.

This laptop is not as cooperative. i download the drivers for neoOffice, and install them with no difficulty, but when I go to run the program the icon simply bounces up and down and the program is completely unresponsive. I changed the version of neoOffice I'm trying to install. My hope is there was simply an error with the version I was trying to use.

I'm now installing the 2.2.3 version of neoOffice but it keeps stopping at the same place. I'm going to install an older version that I know runs on another machine I use. hopefully this one will work.

Ok I checked the neowiki how. i have to install the most up to date version of java. Now rebooting, let's see if this works.

Victory! That was the problem, I didn't have the most up to date version of Java. so sometimes it's worth staying up to date on the latest software updates.

As for gimp, I run the install process, and it tells me I have to install x11 from the install CD. i thought I could just download it from the internets, rather than put the cd in. What a bone head I am, apparently it has to be installed from the install cd. Don't ask me why, but it is particular like that.the following link worked for me to download Gimp. Once I had the correct version of X11 installed everything went very smoothly.


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