Good OS gOS FTP download

February 22nd, 2008

I'm taking another crack at gOS - this time downloading it from the underground server ftp mirror:

Its going pretty quick at ~300KB/sec. :-)

I'm mainly interested in finding out what graphics driver they are using for the Cloudbook. I just booted up gOS on an Everex StepNote NC1503 and gOS uses the openchrome driver too. This is hilarious to me! While I was running the liveCD, I noticed that it uses Ubuntu's servers as its default apt repositories. Then I did a quick search for "gos openchrome" and found a domain called "". For obvious trademark infringement reasons, I checked the registrant - domains by proxy. Hmmm. I then checked - David Liu. Strange, but the ip address for both sites is the same. What a coincidence!

I'm pretty amazed at how the Cloudbook was launched, and how disorganized gOS is turning out to be. It really seems to me that it is simply Ubuntu with the name changed. I can't figure out why they didn't just contract with Ubuntu to provide the OS like Dell did. Was this even a possibility? I have a feeling Walmart may get more involved in this as time progresses.

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