Questions about Pycoon

January 1st, 2008

I just emailed Andrey some questions about pycoon:

OK, cool. Here are some notes I took while exploring:

The pycoon process:

1. pycoon/ - main()
2. pycoon/wsgi/ - pycoonFactory()
3. pycoon/wsgi/ __init__
4. pycoon/wsgi/ __call__
5. pycoon/wsgi/ process
6. pycoon/ - why environment? is it used for mount? or
for mapping to the filesystem?

The initialization process seems a little bit confusing, but that might be because I'm new to python. I did a bunch of tests and stuff seems to work well. Can you give an example of what an action would look like? In nexista I'd do something like this:

<map:action type="redirect" params="/new-url/"/>

Would data sources be accessed via action components? And what about

python scripts? Would it be possible to include a script in a pipeline

match? In nexista I'd do this:

<map:script src="lib/simple_script.php"/>
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