More Python Notes

January 1st, 2008


Seems like MoinMoin could be run on a platform like Nexista / Cocoon / Pycoon fairly easily.

action/ has an ActionBase class. Use of the "Base" suffix is an interesting idea.

I don't like how MoinMoin mixes logic with presentation.

Misc Basics:


Errors / exceptions


How are those functions handled in python?

Review Zope too. Between all the existing Python frameworks it shouldn't be too tough to get a python-powered nexista / cocoon up and running.

Looks like Paste has a javascript console debugger sort of thing, that is a great idea.

I'm not crazy about the mapping of /urls/path/resource to root.urls.path.resource , but maybe it'll grow on me.

Pylons - seems like an MVC / RoR type framework?

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