MacBook Power Up Blank Screen

January 22nd, 2008

My MacBook is having problems. Major problems. Not sure what the deal is, but here's what happened - I was using it, when all of a sudden the screen went blank. I tried to restart it by holding down the power button for a few seconds, then pressing it again. It powers up - I see the screen flash and the CD make a noise, but then nothing. I tried zapping the PRAM to no avail (no startup chime at all). I kept turning it on and off and at one point the fan went on full blast. It stayed like that through several power cycles but no longer. I'm confused and frustrated.

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macbook black screen?

UPDATE: Strange, but I just booted up off a CD, but before the boot, the CD ejected, and proceeded to boot off my hard drive. ??? I did switch out some ram, then put the original back in, maybe it was loose?

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