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zip a Window s file

I'm a mac user for the most part, so when I work on a windows machine some tasks that are routine for me vary ever so slightly, and I'm stumped for a moment on how to do them. Today's silly stumper was how to zip a file on my boyfriend's xp machine. It was really easy, but I had to find the right option.

  1. Right click the file you want to compress
  2. Mouse over to the "Send To" option (it's another drop down menu)
  3. Select the first choice "Compressed (zipped) Folder"

And you're done it's that easy, provided you know where to look. The send to drop down was what confused me. I didn't look there at first because I didn't think it suited the action I was trying to complete. Just goes to show you check every menu if you don't see what you're looking for.

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