Its not that FIOS itself disappointed me today, its really Verizon. The installer who was supposed to come and install FIOS today between 1PM and 5PM never showed up, called, or otherwise notified me that they were not coming. Very disappointing.

I am going to request that the installation fee get waived due to this inconvenience. I believe its a $29.00 installation fee, and I don’t feel that makes up for wasting my time, it helps. Every little bit helps.

Now the next question is - when will the FIOS service be rescheduled? And how is that done? I signed up online, and I’m able to login to “What’s next?” (a portal for new FIOS customers), but I couldn’t find anything related to the situation where the installer is a no-show.

Anyone have any advice?

UPDATE: This post used to be called “FIOS Disappointment” - but who would have thought a Verizon tech would call at 9:00PM, and still come to perform the installation? Way to go Verizon! I’m now writing this post over FIOS. :-) VERY GOOD!