December 22nd, 2007

I submitted some projects to recently, then came up with thoughts to share.

  • raises awareness about the importance of code commenting
  • inaccurate analysis of code?

With regard to code commenting syntax, why does it appear so bizarre to me? Like this:

@param paramname:

Is this some sort of documentation markup I'm unfamiliar with?

I just tried playing with ohloh some more and it is really really cool. I'm looking forward to surfing it some more.

UPDATE - Yes, the code comment syntax is called Javadoc. Speaking of which, this looks awesome:, and this page looks helpful.

UPDATE 2 December 25, 2007: I just realized that there is a serious problem with ohloh - included libraries. For example, I submitted PBooks, which includes a great calendar javascript program, which I didn't write. Ohloh then made the mis-judgement that PBooks was mostly written in javascript. How can this get worked out? [ related ]


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