NetFirms Renewal But I already canceled

December 9th, 2007

I just got an email from NetFirms letting me know my account was up for renewal. I responded saying that I canceled my Netfirms account back in April of this year, over six months ago.

Then I just received another email from them alleging that my account was not properly closed, and that they only process account cancellations over the phone. I responded quickly, as well as forwarded them the email I sent in April of 2007.

Looks like other people have had similar and worse issues:

UPDATE December 12, 2007: With a little bit of polite persistence, I was able to cancel my NetFirms account without having to call them. They requested I either send my account information (maybe they should add some options on their control panel to cancel?) or email them the welcome email they sent me when I opened the account. Luckily I still had it, so I emailed that to them.

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