More Python WSGI moinmoin and pycoon Notes

December 29th, 2007

WSGI is pretty cool stuff - I messed around with cherrypy today, and enjoyed what I found. For a fairly small codebase its quite flexible and competent. I was reading a bunch of code from moinmoin and pycoon and took some notes...

moinmoin notes:

  • function description comes after "def functionname:"
  • php session parser very interesting...
  • Can you save PHP bytecodes to a file like .pyc files?
lists = [1,2,3]
tuples = (1,2,3)
dictionaries = {1: "ablh"}

The colon is a great character, and python makes swell use of it.

Private functions in python start with __, everything else is public. Ian of the Paste project seems to think that these type of private functions are a bad idea though.


I've been reading up on CherryPy too - this is a great read. They have a page of templates and they don't trash talk xslt - good! :-)


I haven't actually tried out Paste yet, but the docs are very good. They explain a lot of what WSGI applications are all about. I read up on the WSGI spec too.

That leads me to another thought - I need to get more comfortable with how the python libraries and packages are installed. I may be wrong, but it feels like the packaging and path setup for python is a little haphazard.

PHP versus python

Just some comparison notes...

  • PHP's "this" is like python's "self"
  • PHP's constructor class functions/methods are like python's init class functions/methods* both languages are down with the idea of camelCaseForMethodNames

PHP foreach:

$blah = array("a","b","c");
foreach ($blah as $barf){
     echo $barf;

Python for:

blah = ["a","b","c"]
for barf in blah:
    print barf

My personal opinions:

  • I like the dot syntax of python for referencing objects and methods, reminds me of javascript and actionscript
  • Lists, tuples, and dictionaries still confuse me a little, but I'm figuring it out
  • For some strange reason I feel more comfortable with self than this
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