mod wsgi

December 8th, 2007

Found this new python / Apache module thanks to clw, its similar, but potentially faster, than mod_fcgid. Its terrific to have choices. :-)

I also posted this comment to clw, it doesn't seem to have gone through:

England has those nice ocean cliffs too - made it a very hard place to invade prior to aircraft.

mod_wsgi looks great. I agree - running web apps as daemons via a server like apache is terrific. Currently I use mod_fcgid and it works good with psyco. Python is indeed good stuff, so far I've used fail2ban, cacheability engine, and trac, but that's about it. Some of it still seems a little weird, but its growing on me. I guess PEAR is just as weird as egg. Cool post about the apt python tool for debian too - thanks for that.

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