Trac WebAdmin

November 10th, 2007

I finally got around to installing the WebAdmin tools for Trac and I'm really pleased I did. I was also able to install the spam filter and sitemap plugins - so cool. One of these days should really consider getting an akismet key, but I'm also very interested in using mod_defensible and/or mod_ifier to block comment spam.

UPDATE November 10, 2007: I had an issue with the base_url not being prepended to the url/loc nodes, so I did some investigating and found that my conf/trac.ini files were missing the base_url parameter in the general [trac] config section. Not sure how I got away with that omission for so long, but at least its fixed now. :-)

Without further ado, some links:

Next up:

(Before I convert my trac db's to mysql, I'm going to convert my main webserver, the one that powers this site, to use fast_cgi instead of using a php module. I prefer that method as it allows me to use the Apache mpm worker instead of the mpm prefork.)

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