Ubuntu Gutsy Rocks

October 25th, 2007

I just installed Gutsy - its so nice! I installed it on an AMD system, and now I'm trying again on intel, but I'm using a 2GB CF card and it doesn't want to fit. Hmmmm.

I just switched to reiserfs to see if that might help. Nope, guess you need more than 2GB of storage.

On my new Gutsy machine, I'm using the nvidia proprietary driver to power a 1680x1050 lcd display - and it really looks awesome. The LCD is connected to the graphics card via a DVI cable for digital quality images. I tried setting up a second monitor just like the first over a VGA cable, and although I was able to get it operational, I was no longer able to get the compiz interface effects happening.

I also tried to use an intel board with the onboard graphics adapter, but that wasn't happening at all. I guess there are some ongoing issues with the X3000 / 965 GMA chipset driver, which is too bad as that was one of the first high performance, open source video drivers by a major manufacturer.

I'm on the fence about where to go from here. I have a RAGE 128MB PCI card which I might install in the existing machine to try and get both LCD monitors working with interface effects, but I don't want to push my luck. I may end up setting up something totally different on the second display, and connect the two via synergy - the keyboard and mouse sharing utility.

Whatever the outcome, I'm really pleased with Ubuntu Gutsy. My recent rants about how I like debian better aside, interface effects make a huge difference! :-)

UPDATE October 26, 2007: I tried installing Gutsy on an Everex NC1501 today but the installer CD had issues with the LCD / graphics driver, even in safe mode. I'm sure there's a trick to it...


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