Resurrected Laptop With No Head Headless

October 27th, 2007

Over two years ago I found a dead laptop that was getting thrown away and I decided to try and resurrect it. After battling with trying to get it to work as a laptop, I gave up, removed the screen, keyboard, and now I'm just using it as a local development server. So much better! It consumes only a little power, but has a nice 2Ghz Pentium M in it which I can also use as a distcc node. Debian is perfect for this purpose, and I'm upgrading to lenny now so I can try out some of the newer packages like php5-xcache and mod_defensible.

This is a Toshiba 5205-s703. It has an NVIDIA GeForce 460 graphics card in it so I'm able to power a 1680x1050 pixel monitor with decent performance. Works like a charm!

I have another laptop I'm going to resurrect as a distcc node, but it only has a Pentium 3 in it.

UPDATE: I've actually upgraded this machine to use Ubuntu and I'm now using it as my desktop. It is working really well! :-) See: More Ubuntu Please

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