GoDaddy Woes

October 22nd, 2007

Godaddy sent me a renewal email earlier today, so I went to their website and tried to renew. Locked out, again. Seems like every time I try and login I get locked out.

So I called their support line, finally gained access, but of course was offered many services by the customer service representative. Sigh.

Upon trying to renew, I realized Godaddy uses their interface to make it very difficult to renew domains without privacy that currently have privacy enabled. Argh, that's just lame. That type of behavior helps me rationalize spending 20 extra minutes scrounging for coupon codes to save $5. I did end up saving about $20, and didn't bother to renew any of the domains I have that have privacy enabled. Eventually I'll disabled privacy on them before trying to renew them, if that's even possible. If not, I'll transfer to another registrar out of spite.

Of course before I do any of that, I'll most likely be locked out again.

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