pfSense 1.2

September 17th, 2007

pfSense 1.2 is chock full of cool features. Some that just caught my eye:

  • The ability to backup / restore certain sections of the configuration
  • OpenNTPd
  • WPA for wireless security ( I think m0n0wall has it now too )
  • Ability to auto-ping ip addresses over the vpn to keep the connections alive
  • Load balancing! PF actually has a really terrific load balancing setup complete with sticky bits.

When I first found m0n0wall and pfsense, I was using the stable versions of both. I liked m0n0wall because it was clean and simple, and pfSense seemed kind of messy and disorganized. Once I tried out the 1.2 beta on the suggestion of Chris, one of the developers for both m0n0wall and pfsense, I've been really impressed with pfsense. The two projects are still both great, but I think pfsense is more appropriate for me. My communications don't require the utmost security, and having some extras like those mentioned above make all the difference for me.

Hmm, I just found this about the openbsd geode aes driver:

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