Fonts leading and kerning

September 14th, 2007

Today I had to edit a button for a web site. the client wanted a fairly long title for the button, so in order to maintain consistency with the rest of the menu I had to be a bit creative. With the help of my supervisor we decided the best approach would be to increase the height of the button and keep the text size consistent with the other menu items.

Outlined here are the procedures and formatting we had to take into account when creating the new button:#1 Convert the file to rgb format so layers can be added to it In photoshop go to image - mode - rgb#2 Make the button taller. The way I approached this was to copy the midsection of the button with out the top and bottom boundaries. Then I increased the height of the document, moved the top and bottom of the box accordingly, and pasted the midsection in to complete the button. #3 The spacing between the lines - Leading - had to be adjusted. When you have your text tool selected choose the button that says "Toggle the Character and Paragraph Palettes" or select "character" from the window menu. This menu allows you to edit the Leading and Kerning (space between the letters). It is an excellent tool for manipulating text for graphics and website design.

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