Loongson FULONG

August 6th, 2007

This thing looks great: > Pictures of the Lemote Fulong

That is a link to Martin Michlmayr's blog, which I have visited many a time in my wrestling Debian onto the Thecus N2100. Unfortunately, the Thecus isn't a very green computer for what its capable of, especially compared to the alternatives for the price, like the little valley intel d201gly mini-itx (25+ Watts), or the pc engines alix1c mini-itx (5 Watts).

Anyway back to the Fulong, the really interesting thing is that it has a MIPS chip, like the ones you find in low power routers and stuff. I believe that the ARM chips found in the Thecus and the Linksys NSLU2 are compatible, in the packages can be used on both platforms, I'm not positive on that at all though. :-)

Also posted at Martin's site is this link to a blog about the Loongson. They even have a screenshot of it running Windows 98 via QEMU, how cool is that?

More information and pictures of the Lemote Fulong:


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