August 14th, 2007

Just got this error on the console of a WRAP powered pfsense firewall. I'm trying to set it up to use a wireless interface as the WAN port.

*** Welcome to pfSense 1.0.1-embedded on pfSense ***  LAN*                     ->   sis0    ->  OPT1(OPT1)               ->   sis1    ->      NONE(DHCP)  WAN                      ->   ath0    -> pfSense console setup *********************** 0)  Logout (SSH only) 1)  Assign Interfaces 2)  Set LAN IP address 3)  Reset webConfigurator password 4)  Reset to factory defaults 5)  Reboot system 6)  Halt system 7)  Ping host 8)  Shell 9)  PFtop

10)  Filter Logs

11)  Restart webConfigurator

Enter an option: Terminated

tcsetpgrp failed, errno=25# 7

7: not found# # ls

tcsetpgrp failed, errno=25

tcsetpgrp failed, errno=25# ps -A

tcsetpgrp failed, errno=25

tcsetpgrp failed, errno=25

Besides that, I was having trouble getting the wireless card to act as the WAN port. This thread helped me get the wireless card to act as the wan port.

I'm using a card I pulled from a Everex laptop, and its working well. I tried an intel 2915abg minipci card but it wasn't recognized. Now I'm also trying an old agere systems card 390D014 Mpci3a.

Ouch, somehow I'm getting these errors now:


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