Linux for Beginners

July 5th, 2007

Today I started getting into Linux, which is an OS. Linux is somewhat like windows. It has a GUI that is user fairly user friendly, but what really sets it apart is its use of the terminal. The terminal is the text driven portion of the linux os. The terminal allows you to edit the OS and make changes a lot faster and easier than through the GUI. The terminal is controlled by using text based commands that tell the computer what action to take. For example by typing pwd into the terminal, it tells you what the current working directory is. A linux terminal is much more advanced than the similar, but far less efficient ms-dos.

Example Commands

  • echo - Repeats what you typed
  • cat - outputs the contents of a file to the shell
  • nano - a notepad you can write on
  • man - Takes you to the manual ("man nano" will show you how to use nano).


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