July 26th, 2007

My new PC Engines ALIX motherboard / computer arrived from Switzerland yesterday, here are some pictures:

This thing is awesome. It is my new "favorite"! Comes with 256MB of RAM, an on-board graphics card, 44-pin storage headers, compact flash slot, 10/100 ethernet, serial port, mini-pci port, full size pci slot, and on-board power supply (meaning you don't need a separate power supply like the PicoPSU, you can just plug in a 12V power supply. Receptacle is 2.5mm id and 5.5 od - I think!).

Oh yeah, only uses 4-6 watts of power under normal use, and makes no noise as it doesn't have a fan. It doesn't even need a heatsink!

UPDATE August 16th, 2007: The plug receptacle is indeed 2.5mm id and 5.5mm od, at least that's the size on my ALIX board. Check with PC Engines for exact measurements.

UPDATE November 11, 2007: More pictures of the ALIX-series boards:

ALIX 2B3 @


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