Memory tips for Debian on t5135

June 24th, 2007

These are my notes on how to reduce memory consumption of debian on an HP t5135 thin client.

Add to modules blacklist:

blacklist snd_via82xx
blacklist snd_ac97_codec
blacklist snd_pcm
blacklist snd_timer
blacklist snd_mpu401_uart
blacklist snd_rawmidi
blacklist snd_seq_device
blacklist via82cxxx_audio
blacklist uart401
blacklist parport_pc
blacklist parport
blacklist pcspkr
blacklist soundcore
blacklist sound
blacklist via82cxxx_audio

Remove device mapper from init scripts:

update-rc.d -f libdevmapper1.02 remove

Edit /etc/default/acpid:

MODULES="processor button thermal"

For more info like this, check out dectop Debian tips


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