Protected My Navisite Experience

May 19th, 2007

I don't believe it, but Navisite is still trying to bill me. I used to co-locate several servers with Navisite. I stopped when they, in my opinion, tried to trick me into agreeing into a contract term, and illegitimately charged me for bandwidth I did not use or consume as well as customer service requests I did not initiate or benefit from. After that, I revisited and re-examined my past dealings with them and came to the conclusion that they had mishandled my relationship and inappropriately billed me several times, even from the beginning. Based upon my conclusions, I promptly removed my equipment from their Andover facility. At that time, they threatened to take my equipment hostage even though I had paid all their bills in full. To me, those types of threats are offensive, demeaning, and outright hostile.

Consequently, I emailed and sent via post a letter to Navisite immediately and universally terminating our relationship with them. Upon indication that there might be a disagreement, I instructed them to speak with my lawyer rather than contact me directly (a request they continue to unabashedly ignore). For several months following the termination of our relationship, they harassed me with phone calls, bills, emails, and other fear, uncertainty, and dreadful (FUD) tactics (again, even though I had paid all my bills with them) in vain attempts to claim that my company still owed them something. After approximately 3 months of intense harassment and major disruptions, combined with conflicting statements by high-level Navisite executives that the matter was over, the dust settled and I assumed the matter was over and I would never have to hear from them again. Yesterday I opened a Fedex envelope from them and I am very upset with their latest threat to sell my alleged debt to them to an outside collection agency.

The continuation of this disagreement I have with Navisite is stressful for me because I feel that:

  1. Navisite has disrupted and continues to disrupt my ability to run a business by illegitimately harassing me and my company, preventing the pursuit of profitable activities such as rendering professional services to our clients. This problem is exacerbated by the fact that I have informed them that their actions are disruptive, instructed them to instead communicate with my lawyer, and yet they continue to harass me directly and disrupt my business. To me, this fact suggests intent on the part of Navisite to cause damage to my business.
  2. Navisite is threatening to also cause significant and irreparable harm to my company by selling illegitimate debt claims against us to an outside collection agency, thus reducing our business credit rating and inhibiting our ability to obtain debt financing. I'm dumbfounded that Navisite is willing to risk the substantial consequences of such actions, all based upon what I find to be illegitimate, insignificant, and unsubstantiated claims.

The players in this situation which I find increasingly absurd:

  • Joshua Pemrick - Mr. Pemrick was to sales person who initially signed me up. My experience with him was inconsequential to the matter at hand.
  • Chuck Hennigar - Chuck was the sales person who I dealt with and who I feel tried to trick me into another contract term. Upon entering into a conversation with Mr. Hennigar, I explicitly stated that I did not want to enter into another contract term with Navisite, but was willing to commit to a higher bandwidth allocation. He said he understood, and then proceeded to send me a new service agreement that included a 12-month contract term. I felt that this action insulted my intelligence and was an attempt to trick me into an obligation I was not willing to agree with.
  • John Speidel - Mr. Speidel was my "Customer Relationship Manager". My dealings with him were professional. The substance of our interactions can be characterized as a series of inquiries on my part questioning the validity and rationale for bandwidth and customer service fees, responded to by Mr. Speidel with acknowledgment that the fees were not justified and would be credited.
  • Gisele Pozark - my initial dealings with this representative were cordial, but quickly descended to untrue and false allegations. I at one point exclaimed that I was "flabber-ghasted" at the "hogwash" which was being presented to me. If given the opportunity to speak with Gisele again, I would decline without hesitation.
  • Mark Cravotta - Mr. Cravotta is a talented professional in my opinion. My dealings with him were positive and he made every effort to win me back as a customer, starting with an apology for the way his company had handled the situation. I believed the situation to be concluded when he stated that he would take care of the matter, I would not have to worry about it, and there was no need to bring my lawyer into the conversation.
  • Monique Cormier - Ms. Cormier is a legal representative for Navisite. My dealings with Ms. Cormier have been limited but disappointing due to the fact that I clearly stated from the beginning of my disagreement with Navisite that their allegations were disruptive to my ability to run and operate my business, and that they should instead correspond with my legal counsel. The fact that Ms. Cormier (and the rest of the Naviste representatives I have dealt with since the beginning of this disagreement) unabashedly ignored this simple request offended me and made me feel disrespected.

Disclaimer: If you are considering doing business with Navisite, feel free to take my Navisite experiences (which I have found to be terribly negative) into consideration when making your decision. While I will never do business with them again, whether or not you do so is your own decision. The above text featured on this website only represents my personal, limited experience and exposure to Navisite and its representatives. I do not make any claim whatsoever that my experience with them is representative of what others have experienced or will experience with that company. Additionally, Navisite has many employees. Had I dealt with different Navisite employees, it is entirely possible that I could have had a different experience. As with most things in life, "your mileage may vary".

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