MacFUSE and sshfs

May 2nd, 2007

Looks like the newest release of MacFUSE and sshfs are all I need to turn the switch for AFP and SMB to "off". That'll be a great move!

To use MacFUSE and sshfs (you need Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger):

  1. Download and install MacFUSE-Core-0.2.5.dmg
  2. Download and install sshfs-0.2.0.dmg
  3. You should probably restart now
  4. Open the sshfs program, enter the target server address, username, and directory. After clicking enter, you'll be prompted for a password.
  5. Upon authentication, the remote filesystem will be mounted.

I just found MacFusion (Macfusion.dmg)which looks like it has some cool gui niceties, like keychain password integration! Actually, it even has the one feature I really missed: public key!


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