Linux Devices

May 13th, 2007 is an awesome website. I'm checking out the news there and this is what I'm finding extra cool:

Article on Meraki at talks about mesh networking using low-cost wireless devices. Totally awesome! The company is backed by Google and Sequoia. I like this idea as it makes the internet a much more ubiquitous and affordable (and hopefully faster) entity.

DIY MythTV STB - We're trying to build a MythTV box at the moment, based on Debian Etch.

The Zonbu device uses the VIA C7! I just got an email response from the Zonbu team about how the Zonbu comes pre-installed with a distribution optimized for its hardware, which I believe is Gentoo. They also mentioned that it incorporates their self-healing architecture. I believe that means the subscription network, which I think is a good idea for many but not for me. I prefer to be the one in control of my hardware.

Gentoo is a good choice because it is specifically designed to systematically make use of special gcc optimization flags. However, for the most part, these flags will not have a significant impact on the type of setups I am planning.

LinkGear Series 100 - 2Watt network appliance with 2 10/100 RJ-45 ethernet ports

The ICOP eBox-3853 Dual LAN, rear-accessible CF slot is a pretty awesome machine too.

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