Installing FlexySvn

May 22nd, 2007

I'm trying out FlexySVN:

apt-get install libsvn-dev
checking if nawk is broken... no
checking for svn support... yes, shared
checking for specifying the location of apr for svn... yes, shared
checking for svn includes... configure: error: failed to find apr.h
ERROR: `/tmp/pear/cache/svn-0.2/configure' failed

Found this: - Fixed!

pecl install -f colorerchecking for colorer files in default path... not found
configure: error: Please reinstall the colorer distribution!
ERROR: `/tmp/pear/cache/colorer-0.7/configure' failed

OK, how about:

tar -xjvf Colorer-take5-linux.beta4.tar.bz2


make[1]: *** [objs/LineRegionsCompactSupport.o] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/colorer/src/colorer'
make: *** [colorer] Error 2

Urgh, oh well. Better luck next time. I did a little more searching on this, came up with this link about a PHP frontend to SVN (but closed source!), and then found this mention of IE blank pages with javascript and Apache deflate. I've experienced similar behavior with cached pages and adsense. Nowadays I simply turn off caching for MSIE. NODOWS!

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