Firefox versus Camino

May 11th, 2007

Ever since I started using my friend Jeremy's IIci back in the 80's, I've been a Mac fan. (You can check out more of my Mac ramblings at

On a daily basis I use Camino for its keychain integration, and just all around goodness. I'm currently using 2007040502 (1.1b+). However, when it comes to using the browser as more than a tool to surf the web, Firefox is the browser for me. Extensions like Selenium IDE, Firebug, and Live HTTPHeaders make Firefox and incredibly powerful tool. But, as a user, Camino is the better browser.

I thought twice about it, as this page at describes some methods for customizing firefox to be more like Camino. I tried a couple of them out, and was really surprised by a random discovery.

In the official build of Firefox, the use of Firebug to debug PHP will allow you to view arrays, like so:

but for some odd reason in Deerpark of the same version, you get this response - oh wait nevermind I was using 1.5. Grrr. I think the place I downloaded the build from was a little messed up. Better to go with ElFurbe's Optimized builds of Firefox. The right one is called BonEcho, not DeerPark.

It shows the entire array just like the official Firefox release. Hooray!

Anyway, I think I'm going to continue to use two browsers. Camino for daily use, and Firefox for development, debugging, and testing. It is actually quite useful to use several different browsers at once anyway because you can have multiple sessions with the same domain.

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