Explanations of Various Web Technologies

May 2nd, 2007


Hyper Text Markup Language - Is used to create viewable elements in a web browser. The elements are non changing and it is used mostly for layout and content.


HTML Document Object is used to access certain elements in the HTML elements in the document object are tapped into via the web browser itself.


Cascading Style Sheets are used for layout and design. They can tell the font what to look like and where to be on the page. CSS is a client-side technology, meaning it is parsed by the client (the browser).


Is technology that works directly in the web browser, it allows the HTML to do things and change based on the user's input.


Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations. Is a server based technology that converts XML documents into working components of a script.


Hypertext Processor, is a server end technology that allows scripts to be dynamic, and change based on criteria input by the user in a web browser.

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