Symfony Nexista

April 14th, 2007


Symfony - great backend support via creole, internationalization, unit testing, finely grained configuration support, CLI interaction is great.

Nexista - great interface template support via flow and XSLT. And actually the SQL management is nice too. It is limited, but I like its simplicity.

Whoa, I really like Symfony (especially its command like capabilities), and I REALLY want it to have the flow and XSL capabilities of nexista. I wonder how hard it would be to set that up.

If I could, I would: * Use DB2 with nexista (quite possible)* Leverage Symfony's command line capabilities

I need to: * Understand symfony's configuration concepts* Learn more about the command line tools (/usr/bin/symfony)* Learn more about symfony's architecture (project -> app -> module)* Learn more about symfony's directory organization ( apps/, batch/, cache/, config/, etc.)

Then I could possible integrate the parts of symfony that make sense to me into nexista.

Cool stuff I learned about tonight: * DB Designer 4* svnx

Symfony stuff I learned about: * Don't need crud stuff for every module* Creating modules is quick and easy, and a common task

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