Nexista at Google Code Projects

April 12th, 2007

Google Code is a free tool for managing software development projects. I use it to manage the Nexista PHP application framework project.

Nexista is an Open Source php, xml, and xslt based development framework for building robust and scalable web applications.

Nexista was created by Joshua Savage, and was initially hosted at I became involved after many years of involvement with BinaryCloud, where I first learned about PHP development frameworks. Through Binarycloud, I became actively involved with Phing (phing is not gnumake), where I learned a lot about programming. Phing has since been totally rebuilt and improved, which I had nothing to do with. :-)

I chose Google Code over Tigris because of its simplicity. I may have mentioned once before, there is a serious problem with Google Code though - if you upload something, you cannot ever delete it. This is seriously problematic if you accidentally upload the wrong file. This major flaw is the reason why I'm no longer going to use Google Code, and plan to switch to an internal solution.

WAIT! Google Code now has the ability to delete files you've uploaded. They do warn you and advise against deleting, which is good, but they really had to provide this capability. Kudos Google!

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