Operation Reduce Dual G5 Power Consumption

March 3rd, 2007

Dumbfounded by how much energy is consumed by a dual-G5 PowerMac, I've decided to do everything I can to reduce its energy consumption.

Some folks have converted their G5 cases to x86: - scroll down for pics

I definitely do not want to do that! Instead, I'll just do everything I can to make sure the machine is lean as can be. Here are a couple initial ideas:

  • Turn off wake-on-lan (wake for administrator access)
  • Remove second graphics card (only using two displays now anyway)
  • Remove the modem
  • Reduce processor performance
  • Enable every energy saving option there is!

The dual-G5 does use a lot of energy: about 144 watts at idle, with no display. Add a display or two and you're up over 200. That's with one graphics card, (4) 512MB ram chips, 1 sata drive, and a mouse and keyboard. Also, I set the processor to "reduced" performance. The "spin down hard disks when possible" option didn't seem to do much. Putting the computer to sleep reduced its power consumption to about 5 watts. Dual G4 Powermac

I was glad to find that the Dual-G4 fares better - though its obviously slower. Mine runs at about 80 watts without a display or any usb peripherals. With some tweaking, I might be able to get that lower. Titanium Powerbook - a.k.a. Tibook

The Tibook has great efficiency. Mine runs at about 18 watts idle with the display dimmed, but still visible. I was surprised it was so low. What's nice is that you can also run the TiBook with the lid closed, using an external display and peripherals. Mac Mini Power - much better!iMac Power Consumption

I just bought a iMac 17" for my office - and I'm very glad I did. Its a fast machine and as you can see from the links above, very energy efficient. I'm surprised though that the Mac Pro's aren't more energy efficient. Mac Pro Power Consumption

Like making your car more fuel efficient by not driving it - I think the best way to make the dual-G5 more efficient is by not using it. :-(

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