Nokia n800

March 29th, 2007

The nokia n800 is a beautiful and well designed machine. Some notable improvements over the 770 include:

  • handlebar / stand built in
  • faster
  • support for two full sd cards
  • longer battery life
  • camera! (though the quality isn't too hot)

nokia is definitely onto something with these internet tablets. It would be nice if they could make the screen just a little bit wider (1024!), and add a scroll wheel to scroll up and down, because the display is so short. Of course they should also add the ability to charge via USB!

I installed osso-xterm and rhapsody today. :-) Rhapsody is very nice - is this an ipod killer? Seems to have a good music library even though I could not find 'the cuckoo' by donovan. :-(

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