My First Q install

March 2nd, 2007

Went to

Downloaded Q software.

Created a VM (virtual Machine)

Chose install Disk Image, from the hardware menu.

CD-rom tab - install disk unbuntu

Select boot off of CD rom - Install to the hard disk

Configure the network. Selected unbuntu as the host name.

Q began to establish a partitioner.

When asked to select a partition disk: I merely selected the first option "erase entire disk:IDE1 master (hda) - 4.2 GB QEMU harddisk" as I wasn't sure what to pick.

I affirmed the partition disks, and the computer began writing the changes to disk

I selected the Eastern time zone, when prompted to do so

our clock is not set to a coordinated universal time so I informed the computer no when asked

I then entered a user name, followed by a user id, and then a password

The system then began to "install the base system"

Had to abort the install, because it took too long on a Power PC G4

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