Asterisk PBX Update

March 7th, 2007

The time has come for me to upgrade my Asterisk PBX hardware and configuration. Currently, our local area network server is a "swiss army knife" of services: file sharing, routing (nat), pbx, and im. While I thought this might be efficient, it is not. So I'm trying a different route, installing each component on separate hardware.

Asterisk PBX Hardware

The Metrix PBX I Kit looked pretty good, but upon further consideration, I need more performance capabilities.

Then there is the MSI Axis 700 for $179 at, or the ASUS Terminator T1 for $74 at Since I won't have serious voip volume, I'm going to go with the lower priced Terminator T1. Plus, I think I have RAM for it already! To keep the power consumption as low as possible, I'm planning to use a 2gb compact flash card instead of a hard drive. I also bought a JetWay J7F3E-PB Socket A (Socket 462) SiS 741CX Mini ITX AMD Motherboard for another server, not sure what yet!

Asterisk PBX Software

The beauty of Asterisk is that it is licensed under the GPL, so it has plenty of variations and distributions: AstLinux

How To: Building an Embedded Asterisk PBX

AstLinux Users GuidefreePBX

freePBX Home Page

Freepbx looks great because I can run it on ubuntu, my distro of choice. Other than that, I choose Debian. found this looks interesting.

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