Windows CD s licenses and upgrades

February 15th, 2007

Right now I have the following Windows licenses:* Windows ME OEM on a Dell workstation - I have the original media* Windows 2000 Professional on a Toshiba laptop, purchased retail - lost original media* Windows XP OEM on another Toshiba laptop - lost original media* Windows XP OEM purchased with separate hardware, running on a QEMU virtual machine - have original media

Now that I'm using Parallels, Windows XP won't accept the new motherboard, and is telling me it won't activate the software because of that. My experience with Microsoft has not ben positive, so I'm not going to bother calling them and asking for help - it will no doubt be easier to take matters into my own hands and try various workarounds.

Just for the heck of it, I'm emailing Microsoft customer support:

OEM Activation Failed for Virtual Machine - I purchased an OEM copy of Windows XP to run on my Macintosh Macbook, and I first used "Q" the QEMU emulator. Now I'm trying to use Parallels but the activation won't work. Its the same machine though. Please advise.
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