Thecus n2100

February 3rd, 2007

The Thecus n2100 is a pretty sweet machine. I'm pleased with it already. It can really run debian! I also have an NSLU2 which I've installed Debian on as well.

The Thecus I have came with a 9-pin console port which I was able to connect to (thank goodness!), and then I was able to see what I did wrong when following the install instructions. This was actually a really amazing process for me - I've connected to a Cisco switch via minicom, but never another linux machine. I'm sure this will come in handy again soon.

Here's the links I collected in researching the n2100:

Shows startup over serial

Debian Install on n2100

GPL Violations by thecus?

Debonaras Thecus 2100 page

Mailing list archive

Outdated install debian on thecus 2100

My mistake: not changing the hostname on the thecus before installing the installer! - this page mentions the process for using a raid on the thecus with debian, you need the kernel modules. Unfortunately the udebs have advanced past the binary kernel version available from the debian team.


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