PC Engines WRAP running m0n0wall

February 10th, 2007

I've been looking at a few router / firewall devices, including Cisco, and it looks like there is a better option of using a PC Engines board runnning Debian. There are units available that ship with monowall installed, and honestly that might be a better option, I've heard that BSD have a very reliable TCP stack. Actually Monowall looks pretty impressive anyway.

Debian on WRAP

Long list of embedded linux-capable devices

Setup a PPTP VPN on Monowall

Setup a PPP VPN through STunnel

I think this is the item I'm going to get:

Netgate m1n1wall PC Engines hardware with m0n0wall

<a href="" title="">BSD IPSec VPN Help

Interesting but vague article on using iproute2 to create tunnels

This <a title="" href="">monowall routing device is more expensive but likely more powerful than I need

This store also sells PC Engines items

And this thread about the VIA ACE padlock is cool.

1U Rackmount VIA 1Ghz Nehemiah Padlock 2-10/100M LAN 1-Gigabit Ethernet Firewall/VPN/VoIP Platform

RM1U CV860A3U10N

Conclusion, The PC Engines WRAP with m0n0wall installed is a good choice for me because of the following reasons:

  • BSD - open source
  • PHP and XML based configuration files
  • Inexpensive and very low power consumption

Therefore, I'm going to buy a Netgate m1n1wall!

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