Webhosting Review

January 8th, 2007

I'm reviewing these webhosts:


Free, actually seems decent. Free webhosting accounts are limited to two domains. They are also have cheap webhosting accounts, where you can host more than two domains. The sites I'm hosting there:

Apien Compass expired domain relating to Oil

Debtors Grief part of the Informed Banking Network


I've used them before and found them positive but slow, overloaded, and occasionally down. They have many packages, and the one I'm using comes with the ability to host unlimited domains, which is very cool. Here are the sites I'm hosting there:

2008 Presidential Election

VPS Link

I've been using them for basic DNS backups, pretty good so far. MyDNS and MySQL are running there.


I'm finding them to be surprisingly quick. The package I chose includes support for hosting 20 external domains, but adding them is not as easy as it should be.


Very good pricing. Good interface, though I can't get the online file editor to work. They have ssh access which is a big plus. Hosting external domains is a breeze, and the package I signed up for includes support for 20 additional domains, in addition to the 2 which came with the account opening.


Not sure yet if I'm actually going to go for this one. I use them for domain hosting, and feel it might be a good idea to keep it that way.


I cancelled this order, as their ordering system did not inform me of what they were going to charge my card, and went ahead and processed my order without my confirmation. Bad! In fact I never even clicked order, I just pressed return after entering a promo code. After several attempts to get them to revert the charges, I've taken the matter up with American Express. So not only have they irked me, they've made me angy by wasting my time.

This site is very bizarre. They offer "hosting" along with domains, but its really just domain cloaking to one of their own domains. To boot, they allow you to cloak the website and include certain meta tags, which is better than just cloaking without meta tags. When I say cloaking, I mean including another website entirely in a frame that consumes am entire web browser window.

Therefore, I'm really annoyed at them that they don't clearly explain the service they offer. They offer web hosting on their domain, with the ability to host a frame for your domain, which includes content from their domain, which obviously isn't the same thing.

I'm also evaluating: phpwebhosting, globat, and others, too.

So far, I'm REALLY impressed with Dreamhost and Netfirms. They are working out really well with respect to their administration panels. 1and1's panel is really confusing, but their network is nice.

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