Review of Tektonic

January 30th, 2007

I registered for Tektonic on Saturday and received my access info on Monday, which is a surprisingly long delay. They must set these up manually.

Tektonic Hosting Notes:


Trying to find debian, clicked on maintenance, then reinstall vps, churning... need to stop before I can reinstall

"VPS is stopping at the moment"

Main Virtuozzo page says Debian, cat /proc/version says RHEL?

Tried again to reinstall, and am now totally locked out of both virtuozzo panel and ssh access.

Tektonic Customer Support

Sent a support request on Tuesday, January 30, 2007 explaining the situation, asking to cancel account for a refund.

"Hi, I requested debian when I signed up. Instead, I got RHEL. I tried to remedy the situation by resetting the server but now cannot get any access to the Virtuozzo Panel or ssh with original or changed password. Password reset does not work either.

Sorry I don't have time to keep working on it, I have to cancel my account for a refund. Maybe once you have things more stable I'll consider coming back."

It is surprising though that they have pretty good customer support beyond that. They responded to my ticket in the morning and refunded my payment.


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