Review of Office Live

January 18th, 2007

So far, I really can't stand Office Live. Maybe its because I'm mostly a linux and Mac guy, but their service irks me.

Toolbar For example, every time I make an edit, the control bar reverts to being "full-view", so I have to minimize it again. Is it too much to ask to have them remember my preference??

Screen Size Another thing that Office Live can't seem to remember is my screen size. I use Q (QEMU), the excellent X86 emulator, and so I keep my screen size to a minimum. Office Live was clearly designed for a bigger screen and makes it really hard to work with. They do try to fit everything in, but it keeps having to figure that out, and re-render the screen again and again after each refresh. It would be nice if they would store that information in the session, so it only has to decipher the screen size once.

Update Office Live does remember your settings, eventually. It first renders the default, and only afterwards does it minimize the toolbar, and change the screen layout to fit an 800x600 screen.

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