Mo domains mo data

January 11th, 2007

Ah yes, data management. Great topic to bring up on a first data, I mean date. Just kidding. Hehehe.

Right - I am getting many more domain names, and its been a lot of fun to learn about the domain name system, with registrars and all that stuff (so much malarky going on it seems!). I've searched for way to better manage my domain names, and feel like this is the answer:

Doman Name Portfolio - A better way to manage your domain names

I think its designed for public access, but I'll just keep it private as a database. MyDnsConfig ends up being good for it, I'll need to add a few fields to the soa table, but its what I need for now.

Funny thing is, even General Electric is still registering domain names. They bought in October 2006, and mention it on 30 Rock - saying they gave a the "Rural Juror" 5 ipods. Unfortunately they aren't doing anything with it. Hmmm.

    Domain Name: TEENMOVIESCENE.COM    Registrar of Record: Corporate Domains, Inc.    Administrative Contact:        General Electric Company        Internet Registrations        3135 Easton Turnpike        Fairfield, CT 06828-0001


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