Macintosh Notes

January 22nd, 2007

Differences between Mac OS X and linux

Mac OS X is BSD, while linux is gnu. The two are similar, but different. They also use different file systems:

  • Mac: HFS+
  • Linux: ext2 or reiser (among others)

Most often, its a human using a Mac, and a linux machine running services and managing networks. There are a few things that I need both linux and Macs to do for me:

  1. rsync - for syncronization of my home directory for backups UPDATE: rsync is really not for syncronizing two work stations. I'm trying unison now.
  2. openssl - for encryption of files

I know there are many other ways to accomplish those goals, but I prefer to use tools that come standard on both platforms.

Alternative Security Options:


Other cool Mac OS X and unix related stuff:

The Gimp






Mac OS X Unison notes:

Put unison settings in .unison, NOT Library/Application Support/Unison.

Understanding Mac metadata:

  • man mdls
  • man mdfind

Beyond what I would do to make Mac more like linux:

These pages talk about installing more command line utils to make bsd more like linux.

General Mac OS X Websites:

OS X Central

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